Our advanced CCTV and security systems allow you to see and be alerted to any activity in your home wherever you may be. By utilising high quality internal and external cameras and recorders, you can view live feeds on your smart phone, tablet or computer wherever you are in the world. Using video analytics we are able to perform simultaneous security and surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, loitering, camera tamper and a wide range of people and vehicle counting functions.

We integrate with a range of widely supported intruder alarm systems to provide additional features, such as monitoring alerts, adding a huge amount of value to standard systems. For example, if you are away from home you can receive alerts when people enter your house or individual rooms, if windows or doors open unexpectedly, or if a piece of artwork is moved.

Our access control systems allow you to manage entry to your home using either a pin code, key fob or biometric reader. Our high quality video entry systems allow your family to know exactly who they are answering the door to and give access by the touch of a button on a touchscreen or mobile device.