So much of what we do requires us to be online and with the number of connected devices in every home constantly growing, a high quality data network is an essential part of every system we install.

Once only used for checking emails and light internet browsing, a modern home network is now used to stream films and music, make telephone calls, connect to work VPNs, control Smart TVs, lighting, heating, as well as many more connected devices. As the amount of network traffic increases, especially in larger systems, the need for a commercial-grade rather than consumer-grade IT network becomes a necessity.

We use managed wired and wireless IT products by Cisco, Ruckus and Packedge to ensure your network runs efficiently in the background, allowing you to carry out your tasks without interruption. We can also help prevent network problems from happening in the first place. For example, should your broadband router freeze we can automatically reboot it with one of our remote power switching solutions.