Integration is the art of making the products and systems you have in your home work together. The ability to access lighting scenes, heating, security and music from one place, whether it is a touchscreen, tablet or smartphone not only saves wall space but allows you to automate tasks and make your life easier.

With the amount of technology in the home increasing from Smart TVs to fridges, the benefit of having an integrated control system is that you only need to learn one remote or interface. For example, in your living room one remote control can operate everything including your television, satellite receiver, BluRay player, lighting, heating and motorised blinds.

When systems start talking to each other we can create ‘scenes’ that combine a whole host of tasks in one action. For example, when you set your alarm as you leave the house the lights switch off and the heating switches to eco mode. A wakeup scene might open your curtains, slowly fade up your lights and start to play your favourite morning radio station.

An integrated control system also makes it possible for you to access all of your systems remotely meaning you can view CCTV cameras, switch on the heating when you are returning from holiday and even remotely lock important rooms such as wine cellars.