The ability to listen to music in every room is no longer considered a luxury, especially with systems like Sonos available that support almost every possible way of listening to music.

However when working with complex architectural designs the placement of audio visual components is not always straightforward and can require a lot of thought. For example, how does the television in the corner of the room work with a surround sound setup? How can a projector screen or television be integrated into a bespoke piece of joinery? At James and Giles we look at the layout of each room and suggest the perfect system for the space, whether discreet or eye catching.

There are more ways to listen to music and watch video than ever before so having a distribution system that supports traditional broadcasting, as well as on-demand services, is essential. Many different devices are competing to be the ‘media hub’ of your home, whether it's an Apple TV, PlayStation, Smart TV, Amazon Fire, Android tablet or Xbox. All of these systems require a different AV distribution strategy and at James and Giles we are experts in helping to ensure that you choose the platform that is best for you and your family.

As the quality of video improves with UltraHD and 4K televisions now widely available, having the infrastructure in place to support these new formats as more content becomes available is fundamentally important.