Seductive Sound At Jitrois

Shopping at cult leather label Jitrois is an intimate and sophisticated experience. The French fashion house believes “leather stands for the power of love, the will to please and to share that pleasure with others”. This spirit and seductive quality was at the heart of an audio-focused brief, which set us the challenge of helping shoppers at the Sloane Street boutique to feel they could transcend normal boundaries and be more adventurous.

Our sound solution delivers a trio of emotional and sensory reactions: intimacy, adventure and discretion. As soon as a person enters the store, they are immediately immersed into the spirit of Jitrois with attractive Bang & Olufsen speakers, seemingly floating in space as they breathe sensual music from above.

Further into the space, soft sounds follow customers through every step of their journey around the two storey boutique. A Sonos wireless audio system is the hub from which Jitrois staff can seamlessly control and operate sound throughout the space.

Our attention to detail and customer experience extends to a custom-built acoustic treatment in each of the changing rooms, ensuring that the audio experience continues through to the tactile, key moment of trying on a Jitrois design.

This alluring fusion of music, boutique design and the Jitrois brand philosophy creates a sensory shopping experience like no other.

Technical Specifications