Royal Ascot

Simplicity and inclusivity were at the heart of the brief for this Berkshire mansion, located on the Crown Estate in Ascot. We transformed the 1990s house into a high specification smart home that everyone in the family could interact with and enjoy.

Smart home technology has the power to enrich home life in a myriad of ways. This award-winning project is a perfect example of just what can be achieved today, while retaining a simplicity that the whole family can feel at ease with.

Following an extensive whole house refurbishment, an easy to operate Control4 system was installed which brought together audio-visual equipment, heating and cooling, security, curtains and blinds, sub-zero appliances, weather detection, and IP telephone system.

We created a seamless and intuitive hub which can be accessed through wall-mounted touchscreens or any one of the family’s large collection of mobile devices. The whole home is now beautifully connected and every device is registered with the same recognisable interface for easy navigation and control.

The crowning glory for this connected family is a luxurious home cinema. At the touch of a button, the lights dim and the curtains open to reveal their extensive movie collection – all on-screen for easy selection and playback. Just one of the many daily pleasures the whole house can sit back and enjoy.

Technical Specifications