Multi-Purpose Magic

Technology has the power to radically transform lives and improve the spaces we inhabit. Take this Holland Park property, for example. As part of a major renovation and extension project, we were challenged to deliver an integrated, whole house system every bit as opulent and stylish as the interior. And in the basement, there were grand plans to create a revolutionary concept, guaranteed to wow. In the vast underground space the client wanted a fully equipped leisure suite, complete with a sunken floor swimming pool that could be transformed into an entertainment space with live music, movies and more. The perfect opportunity to take home technology to the next level.

We designed and developed a completely bespoke installation for the property. Whole house audio, TV screens in all the main living areas, a luxurious home cinema for precious family viewing time, plus seamlessly integrated lighting and security systems.

We provided the family with simple control options for all of the technology through discreet easy to operate touchscreens, and the option to control via mobile phones and tablets. We also cleverly disguised any clutter by concealing all the black boxes in a centralised location and hid cables behind walls.

Moving down to the basement, which was the real showpiece for the property, the swimming pool seamlessly and silently transforms into an amazing, mosaic-tiled dance floor, all operated via touchscreen control.

With the pool floor raised, the space becomes a giant media room complete with 9ft drop down projector screen and a state of the art sound system powering speakers and sub-woofers – all artfully concealed within the ceiling.

The chosen sound system is equally adept at providing background music for swimming lengths as it is for pumping out massive party and dance tunes for over 200 party-going guests. Working closely with the architect, we developed a solution to minimise reverberation, including special acoustic plaster for walls and the ceiling.

Lighting options for all occasions were also a key consideration. We used fibre optic, LED, fluorescent and halogen lights to suit various moods, times of day and functions within the space. Unique heating scenes for the basement were also incorporated. These include relax mode (for day use, keeping the space at a comfortable room temperature); pool mode; party mode (making the air circulate quicker); and disco mood (for a cooler, air conditioned room).

The client is absolutely thrilled with the finished system and our innovative approach to the diverse challenges the project presented. There was a large amount of fine tuning and hard work to make such an ambitious vision become a reality. The client really valued our constant communication throughout the process and our ability to make the complex technologies so simple and intuitive for the whole family to operate.

To be integral to such an impressive project and beautiful family home was a privilege from start to finish.

Technical Specifications