Illuminating The Craft House

We feel very privileged to work with a range of incredibly talented interior designers who are blessed with unique skills, passion and vision. This four storey Regency family home in Belgravia is a perfect example.

Here, the world-renowned Belgian designer, Lionel Jadot, has created an exciting homage to the art of craft, combining salvage pieces with his own natural and imaginative conceptions in brass, bamboo and brushed oak.

Our Role? To be the technology artisans who could enrich Lionel’s scheme while allowing the family to enjoy their wonderful home at its brilliant best.

Lionel’s lighting in this home is spectacularly realised and demonstrates his affinity with reclaimed materials and bespoke creations. 

Downstairs, the evocative use of incandescent pendant, table and recessed lighting in the front sitting and living rooms create warmth and atmosphere.

In the kitchen, discreetly recessed LED lighting mixes with a jewel-like pendant lamp, designed by Lionel, complete with pulleys and metal tubing – a theme continued in other spaces around the home.  

We designed and fitted the intuitive control system for the varied lighting scheme in these spaces, and throughout the rest of the home.

At the push of a button, the family can easily bring out both the lighting’s playfulness, and also its purpose, as we automatically blend the different sources to create a variety of scenes, depending on room use, mood and the time of day.

Each control panel features a beautiful brass finish to provide a tastefully aesthetic match with Lionel’s choice of materials and overall design scheme.

Over the basement swimming pool, we have integrated a specially designed ceiling panel to gently diffuse natural and beautiful light into the space. This panel also creates the notion of extended height, important in the context of the basement’s compact dimensions.    

We have integrated the lighting with a central control system that can breathe music into every room, and provide access to multiple screens for TV or movie watching, security and an intercom which extends into every room.

This home is a work of art – and we’re very proud of the contribution to the project from our expert team of technology artisans. 

Technical Specifications