Family Film Night

As part of a grand basement conversion, this client invited us to collaborate with interior designer and star of TV’s Great Interior Design Challenge, Daniel Hopwood, to create a home cinema for the whole family to enjoy.

We have to say this is one of our favourite projects, simply because it demonstrates the positive emotional impact that technology can bring to our everyday lives.

We have transformed what was originally an awkwardly shaped TV room into a fantastic state of the art cinema, complete with a high quality screen, projector set up and immersive surround sound audio.

The family can now access hundreds of movies stored on their Kaleidescape movie server and we’ve also integrated mood lighting into our solution so that the perfect ambience can always be set for TV or movie watching.

The impressive soundscape is enhanced further by soft furnishings, luxurious curtains, a thick rug and sumptuous sofa. These elements not only give shape and warmth to this room but also minimise any distracting, sound reflections.

This is a viewing experience that transports the family to the greatest cinema imaginable, without even leaving the comfort of their own home. Not only has the home cinema offered convenience, but it has also reinvigorated the family’s love of films and brought them even closer as they share more quality time together. We can honestly say that nothing makes us happier.

Technical Specifications